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The 104 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Apicella P, Ljungberg T, Scarnati E, Schultz W (1991), “Responses to reward in monkey dorsal and ventral striatum.” Exp Brain Res 85(3):491-500 Details Wolfram Schultz

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Davenport AP, Morton AJ (1991), “Binding sites for 125I ET-1, ET-2, ET-3 and vasoactive intestinal contractor are present in adult rat brain and neurone-enriched primary cultures of embryonic brain cells.” Brain Res 554(1-2):278-85 Details Jenny Morton, Anthony Davenport

Davenport AP, Morton AJ, Brown MJ (1991), “Localization of endothelin-1 (ET-1), ET-2, and ET-3, mouse VIC, and sarafotoxin S6b binding sites in mammalian heart and kidney.” J Cardiovasc Pharmacol 17 Suppl 7:S152-5 Details Anthony Davenport, Jenny Morton

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