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The 6 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Hummel J, Schöneich S, Hedwig B, Kössl M, Nowotny M (in press), “Mechanical and electrical tuning in a tonotopically organized insect ear” In: Mechanics of Hearing Stefan Schöneich

Schöneich S, Hedwig B (in press), “Chapter 18: Neurons and networks underlying singing behaviour” In: Cricket as a model Organism for the 21st century Stefan Schöneich

Schöneich S, Kostarakos K, Hedwig B (in submission), “An auditory feature detection circuit for sound pattern recognition” Research Article Stefan Schöneich

ter Hofstede H, Schöneich S, Robillard T, Hedwig B (in submission), “Evolution of a communication system by sensory exploitation of startle behavior” Research Article Stefan Schöneich

Xu, M. K., Gaysina, D., Barnett, J. H., Scoriels, L., van de Lagemaat, L. N., Wong, A., Richards M., Croudace T., Jones, P. (in submission), “Psychometric precision in phenotype definition is a useful step in molecular-genetic investigation of psychiatric disorders.” Translational Psychiatry Kate Xu

Zhang, M. F., Lowe, I. v. d., Xu, K. M., & Kogan, A. (in submission), “Work for good, feel good: Job’s perceived prosocial impact predicts happiness at work” The Journal of Positive Psychology Kate Xu