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The 4 publications listed below are selected by Cambridge Neuroscience members. This list is not exhaustive.

Hummel J, Schöneich S, Hedwig B, Kössl M, Nowotny M (in press), “Mechanical and electrical tuning in a tonotopically organized insect ear” In: Mechanics of Hearing Stefan Schöneich

Schöneich S, Hedwig B (in press), “Chapter 18: Neurons and networks underlying singing behaviour” In: Cricket as a model Organism for the 21st century Stefan Schöneich

Schöneich S, Kostarakos K, Hedwig B (in press), “An auditory feature detection circuit for sound pattern recognition” Research Article Stefan Schöneich

ter Hofstede H, Schöneich S, Robillard T, Hedwig B (in submission), “Evolution of a communication system by sensory exploitation of startle behavior” Research Article Stefan Schöneich