Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshop

Cambridge Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Workshop proposal submission.

Submission Guidelines

We invite suggestions for a series of annual workshops in neuroscience that will promote novel interactions between laboratories within Cambridge working in different areas of neuroscience. The format of the workshops can be flexible but typically will run for three hours with 3-4 speakers, each giving a 30-minute presentation and a chairperson that may or may not be a speaker. A workshop may focus on a particular hot topic with speakers addressing the topic from very different perspectives. Alternatively it may focus on a new research technique, exploring the different uses of that technique across different branches of neuroscience. Speakers should be a mix of PI's and senior postdocs.

The only requirement is that there is lots of time for discussion, both formal as well as informal, over wine and cheese. Please complete all sections below to submit your proposal.


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