Dr Richard Eva


Boosting axon regeneration after injury by targeting axon transport of growth receptors

I would like to understand the mechanisms regulating the traffic and transport of growth and survival molecules into axons. During development these molecules are present, but either decline or are absent as neurons mature and age. Consequently, injured or diseased axons in the central nervous system do not regenerate after injury. Additionally, numerous neurological diseases are associated with deficits in axonal transport, and may be caused by defects in intracellular trafficking. I have identified and characterised axonal trafficking pathways that can be manipulated to enhance axon growth and regeneration via the increased transport of growth associated molecules into axons. I am continuing to characterise newly identified signalling and trafficking pathways, and manipulating these pathways in order to increase axon regeneration after injury.

Growth Cone of an adult DRG axon expressing Rab Coupling protein GFP and labelled for beta1 integrin
Growth Cone of an adult DRG axon expressing Rab Coupling protein GFP and labelled for beta1 integrin
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Research Focus


Neuronal Cell Biology

Axon regeneration

Organelle Traffic

Axon Transport

Neuronal Survival

Clinical conditions

spinal cord injury, axon regeneration, neurodegenerative disease


Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy

Neuronal cell culture, Compartmentalised neuronal culture, In vitro axonal injury (laser axotomy), Live cell imaging, Spinning disc microscopy, Neurite outgrowth quantification, Generation of stable cell lines, siRNA treatment, Neuronal transfection (by multiple methods), Subcellular fractionation, Capture elisa, Biochemistry, Axon transport analysis, Growth cone morphology analysis, Membrane protein endocytosis and recycling assays, Gene cloning, Site directed mutagenesis,

Recombinant protein expression



Michael Coleman

Phill Hawkins

Maria Grazia Spillantini

Len Stephens

United Kingdom

Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi Web: http://www.swan.ac.uk/

Jim Norman Web: http://www.beatson.gla.ac.uk/Regulat...


Alfredo Caceres Web: http://www.immf.uncor.edu/en/inde...

Britta Eickholt Web: http://www.neurosignallab.com

Associated News Items



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