Dr Sian Alexander DPhil MRCP

Sian Alexander

University position

Neurology Specialist Registrar


Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Research Theme

Clinical and Veterinary Neuroscience


I am a full time Neurology Specialist Registrar in the East of England. In addition to training in general neurology, I have a particular interest in the mechanisms of cognitive disturbance - memory, language and behaviour.

I investigated the aetiology of acquired memory deficits in autoimmune limbic encephalitis during my D Phil. I subsequently researched cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration and clinical aspects of cognitive disorders, as part of the academic clinical training pathway. I am now continuing my clinical training in Neurology.

Primary culture of GAD65-GFP hippocampal neurons
GFP neurona
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Research Focus


None specified

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease

Autoimmune diseases

Cognitive impairment


Progressive supranuclear palsy


No equipment indicated


No collaborators listed

Associated News Items



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    in press

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