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Seth Grant

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Department of Psychology


Edinburgh University


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Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

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The Genes to Cognition programme (G2C) established a framework for studying genes, brain and behaviour in order to link basic molecular research from genomes and experimental genetic organisms with human clinical studies of cognition. The G2C framework was developed around the current understanding of the molecular basis of learning & memory.

The G2C programme collects and integrates data in the areas of psychiatry, human and mouse psychology, cellular neurophysiology and cell biology, proteomics and biochemistry, molecular biology, human and mouse genetics and genomics.

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neural circuit

Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Bipolar disorder

Cognitive impairment


Learning disabilities




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Tim Bussey

Stephen Eglen

Gos Micklem

Trevor Robbins

Lisa Saksida

Nigel Unwin

Key publications

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