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Sam  Wass

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Department of Psychology

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Research Themes

Developmental Neuroscience

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


At Cambridge I am a member of the baby-LINC lab (http://www.baby-linc.psychol.cam.ac.uk), working with Dr Vicky Leong to investigate the neural correlates of infant attention and learning in naturalistic contexts using dual parent-child EEG and ECG.

I am mainly based at the University of East London, where I lead the BabyDev Lab (https://www.uel.ac.uk/research/developmental-psychology/baby-dev-lab) funded by an European Research Council Starter Grant. There, we research stress and attention during early infancy, particularly in infants from low socio-economic status backgrounds. I am also involved with a number of projects looking at the effectiveness of attention training in infants, using computerised attention training paradigms that I designed. This includes projects in London, Finland, the US and Canada.

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An infant wearing a head-mounted eye tracker at the Centre for Attention, Learning and Memory and the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
An infant wearing a head-mounted eye tracker at the Centre for Attention, Learning and Memory and the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
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Research Focus




cognitive training


Clinical conditions

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


Genetic disorders (Rett syndrome)


Electrophyioslogical recording

Electrophysiological recording techniques




Joni Holmes

Victoria Leong

United Kingdom

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Edmund Sonuga-Barke Web: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/psychol...


Jukka Leppanen Web: http://www.uta.fi/med/icl...

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Lonnie Zwaigenbaum Web: http://psychiatry.med.ualberta.ca/AboutUs...

Associated News Items



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