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Robin Franklin is Professor of Stem Cell Medicine and Head of Translational Science at the Wellcome Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. His lab works on the mechanisms of CNS regeneration with a particular focus on remyelination, an adult stem/precursor cell-mediated process in which new myelin sheaths are restored to demyelinated axons. Using a wide range of in vitro and in vivo models, we are examining extrinsic (environmental) and intrinsic (transcriptional, epigenetic) factors that govern the differentiation of adult neural stem cells into oligodendrocytes and other glia following CNS injury. Robin Franklin is also Director of the MS Society Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair.

Olig2 neural stem/precursor cells expressing an inducible green marker gene within an area of experimentally-induced CNS demyelination
Olig2 neural stem/precursor cells expressing an inducible green marker gene within an area of experimentally-induced CNS demyelination
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