Dr Lei Feng

University position

Visiting Researcher


Department of Psychiatry


Brain Mapping Unit



Home page

http://dietandmentalhealth.blogspot.c... (personal home page)

Research Themes

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience

Developmental Neuroscience


Psychiatric-Neuroimaging Research on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Population-based cohort studies on dementia, cognitive decline and late-life depression

Systematic review and meta-analysis on the epidemiology and novel treatments of psychiatric diseases

I am particularly interested in the role of nutritional and dietary factors in promoting brain function and mental health.

My blog on diet and mental health: http://dietandmentalhealth.blogspot.co.uk

Research Focus







Clinical conditions

Alzheimer's disease


Depressive disorders


Cross-sectional and cohort studies

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Neuropsychological testing

Randomised control trials



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United Kingdom

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Associated News Items

    Key publications

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