Miss Iulia M. Comsa

Iulia Comsa

University position

PhD student
Supervised by Srivas Chennu


Department of Clinical Neurosciences



Research Themes

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience

Systems and Computational Neuroscience


How do we lose consciousness when we fall asleep or go under anaesthesia? My research explores the neural dynamics of brain states at the boundary of consciousness. I study the transitions between levels of consciousness in natural, pharmacological and pathological forms of its impairment: sleep, sedation and disorders of consciousness. For this purpose, I use high-density EEG to investigate how measures of local and integrated brain activity, such as complexity, connectivity and graph-theoretical properties, are modulated by the level of consciousness.

Other topics I am passionate about include brain-computer interfaces, artificial intelligence, and the so-called 'hard problem' of consciousness.

Research Focus




Brain connectivity

Complex networks

Clinical conditions

Disorders of consciousness


Behavioural analysis

Computational modelling

Electroencephalography (EEG)



Tristan Bekinschtein

Srivas Chennu

United Kingdom

Crina Grosan Web: http://people.brunel.ac.uk/~cssrcdg/

Associated News Items

    Key publications

    Comsa IM, Bekinschtein TA, Chennu S (2018), “Transient Topographical Dynamics of the Electroencephalogram Predict Brain Connectivity and Behavioural Responsiveness During Drowsiness” Brain Topogr



    Comsa IM, Bekinschtein TB, Chennu S (2017), “Transient topographical dynamics of the electroencephalogram predict brain connectivity and behavioural responsiveness during drowsiness” bioRxiv 231464


    Comsa IM, Grosan C, Yang S (2013), “Dynamics in the Multi-Objective Subset Sum: Analysing the Behaviour of Population Based Algorithms” Evolutionary Computation for Dynamic Optimization Problems (Chapter 12) 288-313

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