My research investigates the brain basis of particular neuropsychiatric symptoms - namely delusions, hallucinations and anhedonia. It's already known that brain systems involving the neurotransmitter dopamine are disturbed in psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia (and in Parkinson's Disease), but it isn't clear how these disturbances relate to the mental experience of patients. I believe that it is possible to explain delusions, hallucinations and anhedonia in terms of dopamine dysfunction via dopamine's known role in incentive salience (motivational importance), and I'm testing this theory with fMRI, computational neuroscience techniques, pharmacological and neuropsychological studies. This research relates to my clinical work at CAMEO, the Cambridge early psychosis service.

I'm also interested in cognitive developmental epidemiology & the relationship between cognitive and motor functions across the lifespan.

Differences between psychosis patients and controls in the relationship between reward prediction error and brain response in midbrain and ventral striatum (A and B), and in a wider network including the insula, cingulate and striatum (C). (D) shows midbrain parameter estimates
Differences between psychosis patients and controls in the relationship between reward prediction error (PE) and brain respone (A,B,D). (C) shows midbrain parameter estimates for patients (right) and controls (left): reward PE in blue, neutral PE in green.
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Research Focus






Incentive Salience

Clinical conditions

Bipolar disorder

Depressive disorders

Early psychosis

Parkinson's disease

Populations at high clinical risk for psychosis



Behavioural analysis

Computational modelling

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


Neuropsychological testing

Randomised control trials



Roger Barker

Luke Clark

Paul Fletcher

Peter Jones

Trevor Robbins


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