Elena Vecino

Elena Vecino

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Visiting Professor


Department of Clinical Neurosciences


Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair



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http://www.ehu.es/GOBE (personal home page)

Research Themes

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Clinical and Veterinary Neuroscience


Retinal ganglion cell (RGC) regeneration: Our interest is to understand the different factors that affect the RGCs to regenerate their axons in vitro. How integrins and extracellular matrix affect the transport and axonal regeneration.

The implications of the research will help us to understand what happens in glaucoma, the first cause of blindness worldwide where a subpopulation of retinal ganglion cells die after the elevation of the intraocular pressure.

I am a visiting Professor (from University of the Basque Country) at the Centre for Brain Repair until July 2012.

Pig Retinal Ganglion Cell retrogradly labelled with DiI.
Pig Retinal Ganglion Cell retrogradly labelled with DiI.
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Retinal Ganglion Cells




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Cell culture

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy




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Keith Martin


Gustavo Aguirre Web: http://Philadelphya Veterinary Medic...

Sansar Sharma Web: http://NY Medical College

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