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I work on the brain mechanisms of human decision. The most common decision we make - two or three times every second - is what to look at next, and the measurement of the time taken to choose to look at a visual target - the saccadic latency - has turned out to be a highly informative way of studying the underlying neural decision mechanisms. This work has given rise to a model, LATER (Linear Approach to Threshold with Ergodic Rate), that is essentially Bayesian but with an added random component whose function appears to be to make our actions unpredictable (useful in predator-prey situations) and also to make our exploratory and creative behaviours more effective.

Modern technological advances mean that we can measure saccades rapidly and non-invasively, using portable micro-miniature devices, in the clinic or at the bedside, and this has led to an ever-increasing range of clinical applications, from PD and HD, through cerebrovascular impairment to metabolic and liver disorders.

A head-mounted saccadometer with built-in laser target projectors
A head-mounted saccadometer with built-in laser target projectors
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eye movement


reaction time

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Cognitive impairment

Liver disorders

Metabolic disorders


Behavioural analysis




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