Philipe Mendonca


I am an experimental neurobiologist interested in the electrophysiological properties of irregularly-spiking (IS) cortical interneurons. I focus on understanding how spike time irregularity is achieved and how it could be interpreted by the neuronal network. I use whole-cell recordings (current and voltage clamp), conductance injection (dynamic clamp) and morphological reconstruction.

Research Focus


Cortical interneurons

Spiking irregularity

Clinical conditions

No direct clinical relevance


Computational modelling

Conductance Injection

Electrophysiological recording techniques

Optogenetic stimulation


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    Key publications

    Butler JL, Mendonça PR, Robinson HP, Paulsen O (2016), “Intrinsic Cornu Ammonis Area 1 Theta-Nested Gamma Oscillations Induced by Optogenetic Theta Frequency Stimulation” J Neurosci. 36(15):4155-69

    Philipe RF Mendonça, Mariana Vargas-Caballero, Ferenc Erdélyi, Gábor Szabó, Ole Paulsen, Hugh PC Robinson (in press), “Stochastic and deterministic dynamics of intrinsically irregular firing in cortical inhibitory interneurons” eLife