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  • Giles Yeo Dr Giles Yeo
    I study brain control of body-weight, and currently have two main aims: 1.) To determine a role for FTO in energy balance. SNPs in FTO are strongly associated with obesity. FTO is nutritionally regulated within the ARC, and modulating FTO expres...
  • Dr Wako Yoshida
    Computational cognitive neuroscience.
  • Steve Young Professor Steve Young
    My primary interest is in adaptive learning in spoken dialogue systems. This currently involves modelling human machine dialogues using the framework of Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs). The research issues addressed incl...
  • Dr Shahid Zaman
    The main theme of our research is to understand the role of amyloid, tau, inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction in the genesis of cognitive impairment and dementia in people with Down's syndrome.
  • Chao Zhao Dr Chao Zhao
    My research focuses on mechanism of remyelination of central nervous system following demyelination in various conditions. After demyelinating injury, the system activates a repair process, which involves oligodendrocyte progenitor cells turning i...