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  • Dr Evanthia Zacharioudaki
    My main research interest is how Notch signalling affects cell fates in neural stem cell lineages during development of the larval Central Nervous System in Drosophila Melanogaster.
  • Dr Gwyneth Zai
    My research area focuses on the genetics and pharmacogenetics of psychiatric disorders. Almost all psychiatric disorders are complex and heterogeneous in nature and my research aims to identify homogeneous phenotypes, specifically cognitive profi...
  • Dr Rashid Zaman FRCPsych
    I am a psychiatrist and researcher interested in collaborative and translational research in number of psychiatric disorders, including, ADHD, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression, OCD and Schizophrenia. I am also intersted in neuromodulation t...
  • Dr Shahid Zaman
    The main theme of our research is to understand the role of amyloid, tau, inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction in the genesis of cognitive impairment and dementia in people with Down's syndrome.
  • Suyi Zhang
    The systems neuroscience of human pain and aversive learning.
  • Mr Yu ZHANG
    STDP in thalamo-cortical and cortico-cortical connections. Calcium imaging and Membrane potential imaging
  • Buyun Zhao Buyun Zhao
    The ultimate function of the nervous system is to facilitate survival. To accomplish this task in a dynamically changing environment, the animal's behavioural strategies must alter accordingly given its context. One of the fundamental basis of thi...
  • Chao Zhao Dr Chao Zhao
    My research focuses on mechanism of remyelination of central nervous system following demyelination in various conditions. After demyelinating injury, the system activates a repair process, which involves oligodendrocyte progenitor cells turning i...
  • Miss Emily Zhao
    I am a computer officer/data manager for the Cambridge City Over-75s Cohort (CC75C) study. The initial study targeted all men and women aged 75 or older who were registered with a selection of geographically and socially representative general pra...
  • Zhen Zhong Dr Zhen Zhong
    Mechanism of prion-like propagation of mutant SOD1 misfolding from cell to cell in Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
  • Peter Zhukovsky Mr Peter Zhukovsky
    My reseach focuses on the neural and behavioural mechanisms of drug addiction. More specifically, I am interested in the role of compulsivity as an endophenotype pre-disposing animals to drug addiction. Currently I am using a behavioural task to r...
  • Hisham  Ziauddeen Dr Hisham Ziauddeen MRCPsych PhD
    I am a Senior Clinical Research Associate working with Prof. Paul Fletcher. I work on brain reward systems using pharmacological fMRI and behavioural measures, to study the role of environmental influences and opioid and dopaminergic systems in co...
  • Maarten Zwart Mr Maarten Zwart
    Dendrites are the postsynaptic structures of neurons, specialised to receive and integrate inputs from other cells. The dendritic geometry, regulated by intrinsic programmes of cell type specification and extrinsic factors during development, crit...